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Pak, Check! Video Making Contest
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Pak! Check Video Making Contest is part of the activities under the Media Civics Lab Fact-Checking Academy of Break The Fake Movement in partnership with Internews. The Pak! Check Video Making Contest is supported by Rappler’s civic engagement arm, MovePH and #FactsFirstPH which aims to:

  • encourage participants to create their own fact-checking videos covering the effects of disinformation;
  • debunk misinformation and disinformation on a topic chosen;
  • encouraging fact-checking and developing community-based fact-checks; and
  • educate viewers on the importance of combating misinformation and disinformation, and provide practical solutions to address these pressing issues.



Any undergraduate or Senior High School student who is currently enrolled in a university or any school in the Philippines and is at least 17 years old.


Any Filipino professional or individual who is at least 23 years old and not an undergraduate student.

Filipino Content Creators / Influencers who are:

Nano who has at least 1,000 followers, Micro who has at least 10,000 followers, Macro who has at least 100,000 followers or Mega Influencers who has at least 1,000,000 followers in any social media app or combined.

Rules & Guidelines

1. The video must run for 2-3 minutes only and in a vertical format.

2. It must be shot using smartphones only.

3. It must use English, Tagalog, or a combination as its language.

4. The Pak! Check Video Contest supports creativity and originality. All materials to be used, such as images, videos, or music, must be original or properly attributed. Participants must observe intellectual property rights, avoid plagiarism, and provide proper citations for any external sources used.

6. The video must be published on any of the following platforms – Tiktok, Facebook, and Youtube. The entry caption must include the hashtags #FactsFirstPH #Influence4Good #MovePH #PakCheck. Entry is disqualified if it doesn’t follow this rule.

7. The post must include the reference link of verified information in its caption to support the data presented in the video.


1st Place

Php 10,000

2nd Place

Php 8,000

3rd Place

Php 5,000

Special Awards


Judging Criteria

40% Creativity and Originality 

The judges will assess the level of originality and creative ideas presented in each video. They will be looking for unique storytelling approaches, innovative concepts, or creative execution of the subject matter that captivate the audience and showcase the entrant’s artistic vision.

30% Production Quality and Technical Skills

The entry will be evaluated on how the technical aspects of the videos, including video and audio quality, editing skills, cinematography, and overall production values positively contribute to the over-all impact of the video.

30% Impact and Engagement

The judges will measure the emotional impact of the videos on the viewers and their ability to engage the audience. They will take into account factors such as storytelling effectiveness, message delivery, entertainment value, and the overall impression left on the viewers. The judges are looking for videos that evoke strong emotions, captivate the viewers’ attention, and create a memorable experience.

How to Join

Submission of Entries will

close on June 25, 2023, 11:59 pm.

Only submitted links through the online form will be part of the official entries and judging.

Click the button below to submit your entry.


Most frequent questions and answers

The contest is open to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements. Participants from our previous training (Live Masterclass) and events (Influencers’ Bootcamp) are also welcome to join provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

The participants can choose any topics or themes for their fact-checking videos. These topics should be relevant and current and must be aligned with the types of content they create or topics/issues they are passionate about or have expertise in.

Videos should be 2-3 minutes long and in a vertical format. Upload it to TikTok, Facebook or Youtube and submit the link of the entry by clicking the “Sumbit an Entry” button above. Videos must be accessed and viewed publicly. 

Only submitted links through the online form will be part of the official entries and judging. Entries submitted prior to and beyond the contest date will not be included.

The contest organizer has the right to disqualify participants who will show:

  • any negative actions or behaviors, such as submitting plagiarized content;
  • spreading misinformation and disinformation;
  • violating any contest guidelines; and/or
  • entries that have already been submitted in other contests, either local or international.
  • No. A participant is allowed to submit one entry. A group’s entry is also considered a single entry.

Yes, you can. You can work with up to 3 members only and your entry is considered a single entry.


  • None. Everyone can join the contest for free. 


Yes, of course. Moreover, upon submission of video entries for the contest, participants provide the contest organizers the right to use, modify, and display the videos for contest-related purposes, such as promotions, judging, and future use.

Participants are not allowed to create explicit or offensive material or copyrighted content. When the participant utilizes copyrighted materials or content without obtaining the necessary permissions or licenses, any legal consequences or issues arising from that infringement are their responsibility. The contest organizers hold no liability or accountability for the contestant’s unauthorized use of copyrighted content. 


We will be posting the winning entries on our official Facebook Page. We will also notify the winners in their emails.