Media Civics Lab:

Fact - Checking Academy

We are looking for influencers, content creators, and digital educators to join our pioneering cohort in combatting
disinformation and fake news in the country.

About the Program

Media Civics Lab Fact-Checking Academy is a six-month-long leadership development program on fact-checking for content creators and influencers with the goal of developing a new breed of media and information literacy (MIL) champions in the Philippines. 

The project is funded by Internews under the Strengthening Disinformation Resilience in the Philippines – Six-Track Engagement Against Disinformation Initiative (STEAD-i). 

The program will specialize in equipping the content creators and influencers with knowledge and skills on fact-checking, media and information literacy, video and multimedia production, and responsible digital citizenship.

 By leveraging multimedia content production skills, coupled with their newly-acquired knowledge on fact-checking, influencers and content creators are expected to produce fact-checking campaigns published across different social media platforms. 

The overarching goal is to launch a systematic, micro-influencer-led campaign that utilizes the power of engaging multimedia and video content to enable effective fact-checking and counter the harmful effects of disinformation. 

Through this approach, we can develop a new breed of content creators and influencers who are using their influence to advance social good and champion the flag-bearing of truth and promotion of media and information literacy.

What You Can Get

As part of the academy, we will be training you on the basics of fact-checking and how you can create content for good. Aside from that, you will get the following benefits:

Exclusive Mentoring by Experts

Access to Live Masterclasses

Free Influencer Kits

Facebook Ads Credits

Access to Vlogging & Filmmaking Competitions

Selection Criteria

PH-based Influencers, content creators, and digital educators with active social media presence

18 years old and above

Willing to undertake a year-long mentoring and fact-checking program

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